Water / sewage treatment

High water prices are a catalyst for the industry to recycle water after use.
One of the stages of water recycling is removing micro-organisms through disinfection.
Water may be disinfected by using chemicals or by using ozone for killing germs, molds and other pollutants.
The RGF range of products is intended for treating water, air and surfaces.
For disinfection of bacteria and molds.
for treatment / elimination of volatile organic odors (VOC) (cooking, sewage treatment facilities, fire, mold and damp odors).
and for breaking down fat.

RGF Technology is based upon oxidation by ozone and hydro peroxides causing the destruction of the pollutants.

Definitions "hydro peroxide"
Hydro peroxides occur naturally in our environment. They are created in the atmosphere every time three elements exist together 1. Oxygen molecules 2. Water vapor 3. Electromagnetic energy
The company has worldwide patents for its products in the field of oxidation technology, and implements them worldwide in the fields of:
Medicine, Food, Military, Hospitals, Hotels, Shipping and Yachts, Governmental Institutions, Residential. The company's products have been approved by the following bodies:
The US military, authorities of China, Japan, Canada, The European Union, the US GSA & EPA, TUV, ETL, UL inspections by independent laboratories conclude:
A reduction of over 99.9% in bacteria and viruses on surfaces.
A reduction of over 80% in volatile gases - VOCA reduction of over 85% in odors.
A reduction of 78% in the bacteria and viruses emitted by a sneeze at a distance of 8 meters.


Examples of purified bacteria and viruses:



An example of a disinfection

device with UV technology