• Designed for the filtration of cooling fluids, emulsions and full oils.
• Sucks in the fluids and filters out shavings and solids and returns the fluids clean to the system for re-use.
Or alternatively to be evacuated and replaced.
• 200 Liter capacity.

Easy to use:

Shemenchick has a two-way valve which enables easy transition from suction to delivery Has 3 suction power options selector. Has a selector for automatic continuous work of suction and delivery  from the equipment and back or manual work for maintenance only.

Filtration range:

Shemenchick has a 37 liter filtration kit at a range of 80 microns and uses a reusable nylon filter.


The system is easy to transport and move also in limited space due the built-in wheels.

System built-in fail-safe measures

The system is equipped with a tried and tested fluid level gauge. This gauge prevents over-filling and activates the control panel to switch from suction to delivery and vice-versa.

System parts:

All of Shemenchick's parts including the oil resistant gaskets provide for suction efficiency and long shelf-life of the device.

All the components are stored in an integrative tool-box or on the device itself.


Kg mm mm mm

Water Flow

at output


Water Flow 

at intake


Air Flow




150 600 820 1200 75 280 3000











The results speak for themselves...












 Emulsion prior to treatment with Shemenchick and after