Markit 9000

Markit 9000 - an additive for heavy fuel oils

Markit 9000 is specifically suitable for clients of heavy fuel oil working at high utilization combustion, without negative side-effects


Achieving maximum combustion utilization and optimal combustion conditions is difficult because they are dependent upon many factors:
Fuel quality,
Maintenance quality,
Pipeline and pumps condition,
Burner types,
Boiler structure,
compatibility between burner and boiler,
Chimney temperature,
Air-flow speed etc..

The mixture contains surfactants, and mixing and storage improvers.
The unique combination of all the ingredients creates a synergistic effect surpassing the improvement of each ingredient in itself.

The efficiency of the product is evident in a wide range of possible parameters, such as: Storage, viscosity, heating, spraying, combustion, soot, sediment, acidity etc.,

As a result of this synergistic efficiency, this product belongs to an exclusive group of products that can cause a direct improvement in combustion utilization without any change in burner tuning or in air flow.


1. Easy to use - dosage is easy.
2. Does not require pumps.
3. Excellent solubility in the fuel.

Health and safety conditions:

Markit 9000 is non-toxic.
Avoid ingestion or prolonged contact with skin.
In the event of contact with skin rinse with a lot of water.

Physical properties:

color: a brownish-red liquid
specific gravity: 0.96.
Flash point: around 56
o Celsius (Marten notes)