Markit 7000

Markit 7000

For systems that do not comply with the solids emission environmental standards

Markit 7000 before and after usage - result of chimney emission












Without additive                                                                       After starting to use Markit 7000     

Test filter photos

Solids emission is the dependent parameter in combustion utilization under optimal combustion parameters.
Achieving these targets is difficult, because there is a high dependency on many other factors, such as:
• Fuel quality,
• Maintenance quality,
• Pipeline and pumps condition,
• Workloads,
• Burner types,
• Boiler structure,
• compatibility between burner and boiler,
• Chimney temperature,
• Air-flow speed etc..

Markit 7000 is a unique additive, a proprietary development by Markit, and contains:
• Metallic catalyst,
• surfactants,
• ingredients for improvement of mixing and storage.
The unique combination of all the ingredients results in a synergistic improvement beyond each ingredient in itself.

The efficiency of Markit 7000 is especially significant in the environmental aspect by promptly reducing solids emission in the chimney

  - usage of the product reduces the particles/solids emission by 50-80%.
  - usage of the product includes a service package and a boiler utilization tests.

The winning combination of the product and the service brings with it a reduction in fuel oil consumption, reduction of malfunctions and a reduction in costs beyond the product price.


1 liter product for every 2.5-1.5 ton fuel oil.

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A sample report of chimney emission test at the same plant X after treatment with Markit 7000 click here