Markit 6000

Markit 6000 - an additive for heavy workloads

A liquid fuel additive, fully soluble in all kinds of fuel oil, contains an organo-metallic catalyst for improved combustion.
The organic magnesia in the product neutralizes the detrimental effects (to the boiler and to the environment) of the sulfur in the fuel.


The new refining methods leave a much higher percentage of asphaltens in the fuel oil, much more than in the past, thereby reducing the potential energy contained in the fuel.

Innovative burners producers and other experts started accepting the fact that...
"in order to get perfect clean combustion you HAVE to use fuel additives".

Markit 6000 is a combustion improver dedicated to answer these specific problems in particularly large system where the "air surplus" is particularly low. This refers to power plants and particularly large pipe boilers working in over 92% utilization conditions.
In other steam or hot water boilers we recommend Markit 4000 and Markit 5000.

Markit 6000 is a particularly sophisticated additive containing an organo-metallic catalyst and magnesia in an organic compound which improve the combustion reaction and neutralize the unwanted by-products of combustion.

The integrated action of all the ingredients in Markit 6000 achieves perfect control over the combustion process from the storage tank to the emission gases in the chimney and  their dew point.
Advantages of Markit 6000

1. Storage tanks without sediment
2. Combustion improvement possibilities in boilers with seemingly "no utilization improvement possible".
3. Sediment neutralization (sulfuric acid) in the boiler and elimination of acidic ash and soot.
4. Improvement of heat transference in the fuel transmission system and in the boilers by preventing sediment.

Physical properties:

1. A brown-grey liquid
2. Viscosity 120 Centistock in 20 Celsius.
3. Specific gravity 1.16
4. Flash point - above than 66 Celsius under the Marten notes method.
5. Solid content 61%.

Markit 6000 can be easily added  to the fuel tank during fill-up.

Recommended dosage : 1 liter product for 4,000 liter of fuel