Markit 5000

Markit 5000 - prevents sediment in the fuel

  Markit 5000 prevents sediment in treated fuel due to an organo-metallic combustion improver, which prevents smoke and maintenance problems.

This product is not intended for removing prior accumulated sediment. For this purpose we recommend using Markit Cleanup Fuel Improver
prior to using combustion improvers.

Who is a potential customer?

1. Fuel consumers working at a high combustion utilization, without any negative side-effects who are interested in getting closer to their stoichiometric combustion utilization and improving their ongoing maintenance.

2. For Heavy fuel oils marketed in Israel.

The quality of fuel oil today is a critical factor in the ability to achieve maximum utilization targets.

Innovative refining methods provide the ability to refine many more heavy ingredients which are more difficult to burn.

Markit 5000 improves the ignition of the fuel by improving its characteristics. This way the fuel is more completely burned, less sediment remains on the smoke pipes and in the combustion chamber and less solids are emitted into the environment through the chimney.
These improvements enable operation with less air surplus, thereby increasing utilization.

Technical specifications:

Markit 5000 is a liquid soluble in all kinds of fuel oil. The liquid contains a dispersant + a fuel stabilizer + a metallic catalyst.

Dosage method:

Pour into the fuel storage tank, preferably prior to fuel fill-up.

Health and safety conditions:

Markit 5000 is non-toxic, but avoid ingesting or prolonged contact with the skin.
In the event of contact with skin rinse with a lot of water.

Physical properties:

1. Viscosity in 20o Celsius around 40 Centistock

2. A dark brown liquid
3. specific gravity in 20
o Celsius: 1.01 Kg per Liter

4. Flash point - greater than 66o Celsius under the Marten notes method

5. Active ingredient (non-volatile) - around 40%