Markit 4000

Markit 4000 - an additive for improving the use of fuel oil

Markit 4000 improves performance of systems using fuel oil and reduces fuel oil consumption. This reduction may be translated into up to 2-3 times the product price.

The improvement in fuel oil performance is achieved by decreasing fuel oil viscosity and increasing the capacity of transmission of fuel oil in the system, such as: storage tanks, pumps, heating units, burners and combustion chamber.

Markit 4000 is considered by many users as the most advanced and sophisticated fuel oil additive in the market, and is a proprietary development of Markit, specifically adapted to the needs of the Israeli fuel oil users. 

Using this product insures prompt and ongoing compliance with the requirements if the ministry for the protection of the environment.

Markit 4000 - an additive for improving the use of fuel oil:

•  saving in costs by reducing fuel oil consumption.
• improvement in combustion efficiency in steam boilers operating on fuel oil.  The product prevents the formation of a new insulating soot layer and even removes existing soot with continued use.

As a rough indication, every 1 mm of accumulated soot removed translates into a reduction of 8 percent in fuel oil consumption.

• The additive improves the quality of fuel oil combustion in the combustion chamber, even in air enriched with little oxygen.  Combustion efficiency is higher when the values of CO2 are higher
And Markit 4000 increases the CO2 values. The result is that almost all the fuel oil is burned completely and the amount of particles emission into the air is very small.
• reduction in energy costs-the additive makes the fuel oil less viscous and more homogeneous and more readily flowing, thereby improving the transmission of the fuel oil into the combustion chamber. In addition, the product prevents fuel oil from sticking onto the heating units thereby creating a significant reduction in electricity costs and in boiler cleaning costs.
• reduction in spare parts costs -reduced ware. For example increasing the longevity of the heating units.
• a reduction in maintenance costs -reduction in the number of malfunctions reduces the necessary of maintenance hours.
• An improvement in service to customers using steam based systems such as hospitals and hotels.
• Increased productivity in the production process due to heavy fuel related malfunctions, such as: plant production lines, laundry etc...
• Creating a homogeneous mix already in the fuel oil storage tank.

Types of fuel oil where the product may be used:

         a.         Light fuel oil
         b.         Low sulfur fuel oil
          c.          semi-heavy fuel oil
         d.         Special light fuel oil
         e.         Heavy fuel oil
          f.          Super heavy fuel oil


1 liter Markit 4000 for treatment of 2000-3000 liters of fuel oil


  a.         Pour directly into the fuel oil storage tank prior to fuel-oil fill-up.
  b.         Dosage devices may be used during the fill-up/transmission of the fuel oil into the line.
   c.          A dosage pump directly into the combustion chamber entry line.

Supply aqnd service

Purchase of the product includes:
•  Supply to the site.
•  Full technical support by Markit representatives.
• Performance of boiler tune-ups according to system requirements in order to improve combustion, with prior coordination with the client.
• With prior coordination with the client - issuance of combustion quality analysis report utilizing specifically designed equipment.
• Preparation of the system for the yearly inspection by the ministry for the protection of the environment - included in the service package.