Markit Efficiency Products is an Israeli market leader in the field of industrial energy treatment and consulting.

The company started its operations in 1982 and provides products, installations and consulting in the fields of fuel-oil, oil, water, sewage and environmental protection.

Reliability, professionalism and a short reaction time have made Markit more than a supplier, and a partner in achieving optimization and maximum efficiency for the client's energy-consuming processes, clients who are facing a significant ecological challenge at this day and age of green energy and high environmental awareness.

Markit's products, its fuel and fuel-oil additives, and the ecological devices which it developed provide excellent results with fair pricing.

Among Markit's ecological developments:

  • NOxAway- a Nitrogen Oxides treatment device for chimneys.
  • Markit 7000, 4000 - Industrial fuel-oil additives which improve combustion and substantially reduce the solids emission in order to comply with applicable standards.
  •  Bio-Modular - A device for the treatment of oily sewage for the metalworking industry, auto-shops and other small industries.
  •  Green Softener - A device for softening water without brine
  • Shemenchick - A device for the cleaning / recycling of oils and emulsions
  •  OilAway - Oil separator


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