NOxAway EN

NOxAway EN

Regulations by the Ministry for the protection of the environment regarding air pollution leave the industry with a daunting challenge requiring the expenditure of considerable funds in order to comply with the new standards.
Markit came to the aid of the industry and has answered this challenge by developing an appropriate solution to the problem of Nitrogen Oxide by-products produced during combustion.
Markit's system is an Israeli development which can reduce the emission of NOx compounds by up to 50% of its untreated level and cause an additional reduction in the emission of particles.
the winning combination is using Markit's Markit 7000 for combustion improvement in conjunction with the NOxAway system for the reduction of particles emission.

This system has been successfully implemented in many Israeli plants, including: Yafora-Tavori in Ashdod, Teva-Tech in Ramat-Hovav, Agan Chemicals in Ashdod, Taro in Haifa, T.G.L in Yokneam, the Israeli Military Industries and more...

The principles of the system:

An ideal, computerized, automated system including a device for the dispersion of urea solution (and additives) through an air-pressurized nozzle in the steam boiler or combustion chamber, to a position at an optimal temperature, and an electronic, computer controlled, pump.
The urea dosage is dependent upon the flame size.
The urea reacts with the NOx to produce atmospheric Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide and water:   

H20  +  NH2CONH2H3      →    2NH3  + CO2
4NO + 4NH3  +  O2      → 4N2  +  6H2


  • The additives in the urea solution reduce the pollution in the steam boiler and prevent corrosion.
  • the aqueous solution spray causes a reduction in the particles emission.

System requirements:  

1. A vacant small space nearby the boiler.
2. Electrical connection point.
3. Air pressure connection point.
4. An aperture for the insertion of the nozzle into the boiler.

















System advantages:

1. Easy to operate
2. Requires a small space
3. Proven by large Israeli plants
4. Professional and responsive service
5. Attractive price





















examples of chimney emission report at plant Y and chimney emission report at plant Z operating with the NOx system and with Markit 7000