Bacteria and nutrients


 Alken Murry develops bacteria for industrial sewage treatment for various uses for the digestion of the following material:
• Ammonia and nitrates
• Oils and fats
• Grease
• H2S (smells like a rotten egg) and foul odor in concentrated sewage.

In addition odors from high BOD sewage at garbage collection sites, collection lines, pumps, traps and drainage lines by ongoing use of strengthened bacteria.

The digestion of these materials produces a reduction in the values of:

• C.O.D (chemical oxygen demand)
• B.O.D (biological oxygen demand)
• T.S.S (total suspended solids).

Markit uses these bacteria in its Bio-Modular Device, which digests fats in various daily sewage flows for each device.

Here is an example of "Before" and "After" treatment with the bacteria in the Bio-Modular device.

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