Preventive maintenance / detergents


Micro - Vit ™    The solution that really works!


Preventive maintenance for plastic industry systems
Screw, cylinder and injectors cleaning while in operation, without long down-time or faulty production. And 


• No foul odor,
• No gases,
• No toxic or hazardous materials.


A cleaning additive for the plastic industry - Purging Water-based. 

Markit Efficiency Products brings a perfect solution to the Israeli plastic industry.


 1. For the cleaning problem of screw and injectors in injection and extrusion machines.

 2. as well as an ideal response when changing colors or,

 3. when changing from One polymer to another without waisting raw material, quickly and eassily.


The need to clean the screw and the injectors has always existed in the industry, and the methods used to achieve that were: by using strong acids or scrubbing materials.

This new cleaning product Micro-Vit purging compound is an environmentally friendly product, water based, does not damage the screw, does not emit toxic gases during use Does not leave foul odor and enables a change in color in two operating cycles.
Ongoing use preserves the screw and the injectors from sediment forming.

Last but not least, all the above while using very low dosage (1% of polymer volume) and with a reasonable price.





Product composition: Water based, ecological

Working temperature:   70-420°C


Intended for cleaning: Extruders - extruder screw
                                    -injection nozzle
                                    -hot passages
                                    -extruder head







Method of use:


1.       Make a portion of raw material (color or polymer) wet with Micro-Vit purging compound
2.       Feed the portion to the extruder
3.       Keep working conditions identical to those of production (extruder speed, temperature etc.).




Extremely effective during change of color / raw material, without dismantling the extruder

Less work / maintenance

Prevents down-time of the extruder for color change.

Efficiently cleans: ABS, PA, PET, PS, PMMA, PC, SAN, PVC, EVA, PU, TR,PBT, PPO, PPS,  
PPA, PP, PE and more...

The product is odorless, non-toxic and does not contain solvents or scrubbers.



GRAS approved by the FDA for contact with food

Packaging: 500ml bottles